Minnesota: 46K QHPs, Medicaid/MNCare up to 79K

The last MNsure update was 1/25, when they had 44,331 QHP selections. Since then, they've added just 1,642 more...or about 150/day. In order to reach their lowered target of 67K by 2/15, they'll need to add 2,100/day for 10 days straight. I just don't see them pulling that off.

Still, if they can reach, say, half of that, they'll add another 11K, which would bring their total up to perhaps 57,000, which isn't unreasonable.

Meanwhile, Minnesota's Medicaid/MinnesotaCare tally is up to 78,863 combined.

February 6, 2015

MNsure will release 2015 enrollment metrics weekly, and will present a more robust metrics summary to the MNsure Board of Directors at each regularly-scheduled board meeting. During weeks that MNsure is closed on Friday, the enrollment metrics update will be released earlier in the week.

Health Coverage Type Cumulative Enrollments
Medical Assistance 57,593
MinnesotaCare 21,270
Qualified Health Plan (QHP) 45,973
TOTAL 124,836