Weekly HC.gov Report: 7.47 Million (undershot by 0.3% this week)

What the hell, I'll post this early today (Watch This Spot at around 2:00pm):

Me, on Friday 1/30:

I'm estimating that we'll cross the 10 Million ACA Exchange-Based QHP Selection total on Saturday, January 31st.

(As a reference point for next Wednesday's "weekly snapshot", I'm also calling for today's HC.gov total to hit 7.45 million).

HHS Dept., just now:

Cumulatively, I'm off by 0.3% (7.45M vs. 7.47M). The week itself was 179,710; I called 160K, so was off by about 11% in that sense.

As I noted this morning, the national number is at least 9.9 million, but that's missing data for some states from a few days, so yes, I believe my 10M as of 1/31 was accurate.

Here's the state-by-state breakout for the 37 states on HC.gov:

They've also added an even more impressive tier of transparancy this week as well...municipal area data:

Other notes of interest:

  • February 15th will be the last day for the open enrollment period. It sounds very much like they will not be issuing an extension period of any sort (though of course tehy could always change this later).
  • 99% of 1095-A tax forms have been sent out to 2014 enrollees (tax credit form)
  • They're really pushing hard for people to enroll over the next 11 days; fully-staffed call centers, exchanges vastly improved in terms of ease of use, shop around, processing speed, etc etc.
  • Reminding vastly improved selection of policies, surprisingly low rate increases on average (lower in some cases), etc etc.