HC.gov Weekly Snapshot: Whoops...I *overshot* for once: 7.29M thru 1/23

Last Friday I posted:

The last 4 weekly HC.gov reports saw 96K (Christmas), 103K (New Year's), 163K (nothing significant) and 400K(the February coverage deadline for most states) on the federal exchange.

With the 1/15 deadline out of the way, the past week (and the next two) should come in somewhere between the last two: Fairly quiet, but steady and not completely dead. I'm assuming roughly 30K/day on HC.gov (around 40K/day nationally), which should have brought the total on HealthCare.Gov up to around 7.36 million as of Friday, January 23rd.

HHS Dept., just now:

Whoops. Only 137K for the week; I overshot the mark significantly (off by 53% for the week, or about 0.9% cumulatively). The post-deadline drop-off was more significant than I figured. Crud.

Anyway, that's still 137K more to add to the total. As for the state-level breakout, whoever posted the blog entry forgot to change the Cumulative Plan Selection "thru" date from Jan. 16th to Jan. 23rd...but I'm sure the numbers are through the 23rd, because the number for every state is higher than last week's.

Actually, the numbers are so low this week (and so evenly distributed, with most states only racking up a few thousand apiece), it doesn't even change the number which have broken the HHS Dept's 2015 target; it remains at 33 states having hit the HHS mark, and the same 3 exchanges (Alaska, DC and Hawaii) having reached my own, higher targets.

The other states all nudged closer, of course, with 8 states now within striking distance of the HHS target, and 12 within striking distance of mine (ie, 90% or higher to date).

As for this week (01/23 - 01/30) and next (01/31 - 02/06), those will likely be pretty much the same. There might be a slight bump for the current week since the 23rd itself was the February deadline for a few states, but otherwise it's pretty much dullsville until around the 7th, when things should start ramping up for the big final push.

So...call it perhaps 150K for both the current week (7.45M thru January 30th) and the week after (7.6M thru February 6th)?


Cumulative Plan Selections
Nov 15 – Jan 16

Nov. 15th - Jan. 23rd

Alabama 137,941
Alaska 17,051
Arizona 171,723
Arkansas 55,853
Delaware 20,776
Florida 1,301,745
Georgia 435,523
Illinois 290,791
Indiana 189,220
Iowa 37,338
Kansas 81,205
Louisiana 142,192
Maine 62,983
Michigan 301,646
Mississippi 84,101
Missouri 213,514
Montana 47,701
Nebraska 62,458
Nevada 54,101
New Hampshire 47,042
New Jersey 213,573
New Mexico 43,651
North Carolina 467,560
North Dakota 15,756
Ohio 198,608
Oklahoma 103,001
Oregon 92,059
Pennsylvania 425,854
South Carolina 166,159
South Dakota 18,248
Tennessee 188,276
Texas 940,707
Utah 118,064
Virginia 321,982
West Virginia 27,849
Wisconsin 179,626
Wyoming 18,112