Kentucky: 93K QHPs, 38.5K Medicaid thru 1/22

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Alan D.

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As of Jan. 22 @ 3:30: 75,760 individuals have renewed QHP enrollments > 17,126 are newly enrolled in QHPs > and 38,547 are Medicaid. #kynect

— kynectky (@kynectky) January 23, 2015

OK, that's 92,886 QHPs total, or 208/day since the December 15th deadline. At that rate, they'll likely add a minimum of 5,000 more by 2/15 if there's no mid-February surge; more likely they'll add between 10-15K more, for a total of perhaps 108K at the outside, just barely hitting the HHS Dept's target (107K), but coming up short of mine (130K)...but we'll have to see...