Hey, Data Nerds: Go Nuts w/2015 QHP selections by ZIP CODE (HC.gov only)

OK, I missed this in yesterday's HHS Dept. "weekly snapshot" report, but it seems that you can now download a spreadsheet with all 7.1 million* QHP enrollments via HealthCare.Gov, sortable by zip code!!

*Well, ok, not all of them...they aren't breaking out zip codes with 50 or fewer enrollments in the interest of privacy...which is kind of ironic given my earlier entry today, but whatever.

I haven't done anything with this file yet, partly because I'm swamped with work (I do have a day job, remember), but mainly because I don't really get into the sub-state level stuff; I already have my hands full with the state-level data.

Still, there's a ton of interesting ways that you can slice & dice up this data, and huge kudos to HHS/CMS/HC.gov for the impressive leaps in transparancy this fall: First the weekly snapshots; then the state-level weekly snapshots; and now, this QHP-by-zip-code database.

Have at it!

UPDATE: Speaking of HHS finally starting to do exactly what I've been asking them to for the past 16 months, the Kaiser Family Foundation appears to be muscling in on my niche as well (although let's be honest; the main focus of this site is exactly the sort of thing that they specialize in anyway).