Rhode Island: 28.8K QHPs, 3,300 SHOP, 84% payment rate

Hot off the presses... HealthSource RI has posted their latest enrollment report; the new numbers are modest, but the payment data is rapidly improving; they're up to an 84% payment rate and the other 16% still have 6 days (from the 17th) to pay up.


As of January 17, 2015, 81% of Year One customers have renewed (selected a plan) for 2015 (72% of renewing customers paid the first month’s premium).

Total New Customers: 7,660 (5,646 paid)
Total Renewed Customers: 21,129 (18,460 paid)

Total HealthSource RI enrollments for 2015 coverage: 28,789 (24,106 paid)

...Renewed Customers
2015 vs. 2014 Selection by Plan, by Metal Level and by Insurer

62% of renewing individuals have selected a different plan for 2015
40% of renewing individuals have selected a plan with a different carrier for 2015
81% of renewing individuals have selected a plan in the same metal level for 2015; 6% of renewing individuals bought up by metal level for 2015, while 13% bought down by metal level for 2015

SHOP Enrollment
Cumulative as of January 17, 2015

Small employer accounts created: 1,950
Small employer applications completed: 574

Small employer enrollment (paid and unpaid): 474
These employers represent 3,492 covered lives

Small employer enrollment (paid): 448
These employers represent 3,309 covered lives

77% of small employers are enrolled in the Full Choice Model