Vermont: 25.7K QHPs, 8,900 Medicaid, 80% Paid to date

The Vermont exchange just released their latest numbers:

New Vermont Health Connect Customers

9,454 individuals have checked out a 2015 health plan. This includes 3,791 individuals in Qualified Health Plans (private health insurance) and 5,663 individuals in Medicaid or Dr. Dynasaur plans.

After a new customer checks out a plan, they must make an initial premium payment and have their selection processed before they have an active health plan. Of the 9,454 individuals who checked out, 7,981 have completed the enrollment process and have an active health plan (i.e., effectuated enrollment).  Of those who completed the process, 2,506 are on a Qualified Health Plan and 5,475 are on Medicaid or Dr. Dynasaur.

Renewing 2014 Vermont Health Connect Plans

Unless a customer requested otherwise, all individuals who had an active health plan through the end of 2014 currently have health insurance coverage through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont, MVP Health Care, Medicaid or Dr. Dynasaur. The insurance issuers have their information in their systems and ID cards remain active.

Vermont Health Connect continues to process 2014 renewals and began by processing plans that customers did not ask to change. The progress of plan renewal processing is as follows:

25,169 individuals have been checked out into 2015 health plans. This includes 21,905 individuals on Qualified Health Plans and 3,264 individuals on Medicaid or Dr. Dynasaur plans. Of the 25,169 individuals whose plans have been checked out, 20,568 have had their renewal completely processed.  Of the 20,568, 17,951 are on a Qualified Health Plan and 2,617 are on Medicaid or Dr. Dynasaur.

OK, so that's:

  • 3,791 new QHPs + 21,905 renewals = 25,696 QHPs total
  • 5,663 new Medicaid/CHIP + 3,264 renewals = 8,927 Medicaid/CHIP total (at least, I assume that's what "Dr. Dynasaur" is)

They've also included payment data: Out of 25,696 total QHPs, 20,457 have paid their first premium and are fully enrolled (2,506 new + 17,951 renewals)...or 80% to date.

Since the beginning of January, Vermont has been averaging around 121 QHPs per day. At that rate (assuming no mid-February surge), they'll add another 3,300, for a total of around 29K. In order to achieve their target of 38K, they'll have to ramp it up to average over 450/day for the final third of the enrollment period, or about 680/day to reach my personal, higher target (which is pretty unlikely to happen).