Pretty sure ACA-enabled Medicaid/CHIP has crossed the 13 Million mark.

I haven't checked in on the Medicaid/CHIP enrollment situation in awhile, but with last week's revelation that California's Medicaid enrollment is a whopping 500,000 higher than previously thought, I probably should have done so earlier.

Between the corrected CA data and some other oddball Medicaid/CHIP data which has come in from other states, I'm fairly sure that the total ACA-enabled increase in Medicaid/CHIP enrollment nationally has crossed the 13 million line, broken out roughly as follows:

  • 8.42 million via "strict" ACA expansion
  • 1.07 million via bulk transfers from existing state-run programs
  • 3.51 million "Woodworkers" (already eligible for traditional Medicaid but never enrolled previously)