Kentucky: 91.4K QHPs, 34K Medicaid thru 1/15, deadline surge definitely happened

Hmmm...kynect (Kentucky's ACA exchange) reported 88,289 QHP enrollees (renewals + new) as of January 6th. Just now they tweeted...

In the last week alone, #kynect has newly enrolled 3,141 individuals in one of the qualified health plans offered through the KY exchange.

— kynectky (@kynectky) January 16, 2015

So, that brings their total up to 91,430 as, "the last week alone" suggests 7 days, which would mean either 1/07 - 1/13 or 1/09 - 1/15 (which would leave a 2-day gap). Fortunately, they then followed up with this:

Two months of open enrollment down & more than 125,000 Kentuckians have newly enrolled 4 health coverage or renewed their plans thru #kynect

— kynectky (@kynectky) January 16, 2015

...which makes it pretty obvious that this number is current through last night (1/15, the cut-off for February enrollment). In addition, the official kynect website gives the numbers as 75,760 renewals + 15,670 new enrollments, or 91,430 total...but the date still says "as of 1/06" which is obviously an oversight.

As for the "more than 125K" figure, that includes Medicaid enrollments as well (34,049 according to the website).

Compared to the prior 3-week period (12/17 - 1/06) which averaged 151/day, that's 349/day over the past week...or 2.3x as many per day.