Rhode Island: 27.7K QHPs, 3,200 SHOP thru 1/10

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No official press release yet, but all of the numbers are here and are (thankfully) properly presented:

Following a flurry of activity leading up to a New Year’s Eve enrollment deadline for coverage on Jan. 1 — and also through the first 10 days of this month80 percent of first-year customers have signed up for a plan for this year, according to figures to be released on Thursday. Of those, 67 percent have followed through and paid their first monthly premium.

...Total enrollments for individuals now stands at 27,690, up from 25,288 just before the start of open enrollment in mid-November.

...“We were preparing for that with a very robust consumer outreach plan,” said spokeswoman Maria Tocco, adding, “I’m not sure we knew what to expect.”

...HealthSource RI reports that, as of Wednesday, 6,918 people who were not previously customers had been signed up for coverage. Wallack called that figure “great.”

...The new subscribers joined 20,772 returning individuals. Together, the two groups combined for an increase of 2,402 covered individuals, up slightly less than 1 percent from just before enrollment began.

Also, regarding SHOP:

...So far, 541 employers have signed up. Of those, 439 have paid, representing 3,210 employees and their family members.