Kentucky: 3,300 additional QHP enrollees since 12/16; 9,600 more added to Medicaid

Kentucky just updated their enrollment stats page for the first time since 12/16:

  • 2014/2015 Open Enrollment stats as of Tuesday 1/6/2015
  • 398,541 unique visitors to the kynect website viewing 13.6 million pages.
  • 215,923 individuals have conducted preliminary screenings.
  • 306,213 calls have been handled by the kynect contact center.
  • 22,352 new accounts have been created.
  • 5,744 people have downloaded the new kynect app.
  • 35,493 new applications have been submitted.
  • 25,720 individuals have enrolled in Medicaid coverage.
  • 75,760 individuals have renewed their enrollment in a qualified health plan.
  • 12,529 individuals have newly enrolled in a qualified health plan.
  • 5,079 individuals have enrolled in dental plans.
  • 5,541 individuals have visited the new kynect store at Fayette Mall in Lexington; 3,215 have completed applications for new coverage.


The prior QHP update, which included autorenewals of 2014 policies, was just shy of 85K even. Of those, 75,760 were renewals, plus another 9,215 new additions for 2015.

Now that we're over the "renewal/autorenewal" hump, the key number to look for is new additions only, which will have to total around 6.2 million nationally in order to reach my own projection of 12.5 million total. In Kentucky's case, they're up to 12,529 of those, which is 3,314 more than they had on 12/16.

That's an additional 151 new enrollees per day added since then. If that rate holds steady, they'll add another 6,000 or so by 2/15 to end with roughly 94,300 total.

However, bear in mind that there will should be a mini-spike late next week (the February coverage deadline) and will almost certainly be a larger spike the 2nd week of February as the final 2015 deadline approaches, which should bring KY well above HHS's estimate of 107K QHPs and much closer to my own estimate of 130K.