UPDATE: "Identity Theft" story has a happy ending!!

Last week you may recall I posted this story:

Earlier this evening I received the following email. I'm not including the sender's identifying information for obvious reasons:

Someone from this website contacted me to help with enrolling in health insurance. They created an account on healthcare.gov with an id of XXXXXXXX@acasignup.net instead of my email address and did not give me the password. I am trying to make some changes to my healthcare coverage and update my information.

I am very concerned with the safety of my information. I thought they were from the health insurance marketplace.

If you could change my id to my email and give me the password I would very much appreciate it.

If not I will assume you are an identity thief and contact the FBI.

Needless to say, I've already written this person back to assure them that a) No, I'm not an identity thief; b) No, I'm not the one who contacted them (and there's no one else "at" ACASignups.net to do so anyway); c) No, neither my server nor my site has has been hacked, and there's no email account or forwarder at the address they provided; and d) They absolutely should contact the appropriate authorities, although my recommendation would be to contact the fraud department at HC.gov first before going to the FBI.

As a commentor noted, the email address wasn't even attached to this site--it goes to acasignup.net, not acasignupS.net (no "s").

Well, I'm happy to report that I've heard back from the writer and all is well now:


Yes it was the other website. I have been in contact with them over this issue. I wish to apologize for my rude behavior to you, but I was concerned that I had exposed myself. The issue has been resolved as I was able to get my password and setup my health insurance for my family of four for 171.31 per month, much better than the over 500 per month in 2014. Thank you for your quick responses on this issue.

Awesome all around!