Minnesota: 31.1K QHPs, 37.7K Medicaid/MNCare thru New Year's Eve

As I noted last week, Minnesota had around 41,000 people enrolled in 2014 exchange QHPs as of October, and due to PreferredOne dropping off the exchange (with around 60% of the market), along with a state law which requires insurance companies to continue providing the same policy as long as a current enrollee wants to keep it (and keeps paying premiums), that meant that MN's renewal/re-enrollment situation was especially unusual compared to most states.

They bumped their January coverage deadline out to 12/31; today they posted their Year End results:

Latest Enrollment Numbers

December 31, 2014

MNsure will release 2015 enrollment metrics weekly, and will present a more robust metrics summary to the MNsure Board of Directors at each regularly-scheduled board meeting. During weeks that MNsure is closed on Friday, the enrollment metrics update will be released earlier in the week.

Health Coverage Type Cumulative Enrollments
Medical Assistance 26,540
MinnesotaCare 11,152
Qualified Health Plan (QHP) 31,159
TOTAL 68,851

I don't know the exact breakout between renewals and new additions, but an earlier breakout had it at around 40% renewals, 60% new. Until I hear further I'll assume that it ended up being around 50/50 (presumably with a last-minute surge of renewals as the deadline approached). If that's accurate, that means they managed to renew roughly 15,000 people and added around 16,000 more, meaning perhaps 26,000 of their existing enrollees moved off-exchange or elsewhere.

Meanwhile, they've also enrolled over 37K people into Medicaid or MinnesotaCare so far this period.

UPDATE: I've received word that the actual renewal/new breakout in MN is closer to 10.5K renewals / 20.6K new enrollees.

This was pretty surprising to me until it was explained that around 20,000 PreferredOne enrollees have already been moved off of the exchange under state law. That leaves around 9,000 or so "passive renewals" (ie, autorenewals) for the other companies operating on the exchange.

This means that the actual number (once those autorenewals are put through) should be more like:

  • 10,500 active renewals
  • 9,000 autorenewals
  • 20,600 new enrollees
  • (n/a: 20,000 PreferredOne enrollees moved off the exchange)

= around 40,100 enrollees for 2015, plus a) additional new enrollees going forward and b) however many of those 20K PreferredOne folks decide to come back to the exchange for February or March.