Washington State: 101K QHPs thru 12/23 (76K renewals, 25K new)

OK, this is kind of strange...the WA exchange has not posted any press releases since the 23rd, and specifically told me that they don't have any updated numbers since then, but this brief story at KLEW TV is pretty clear about it...and the numbers are about right, since they only include 1 more day of data (the press release went through the 22nd, and the 23rd was the deadline for January coverage in WA):

LEWISTON, ID - We start off with news about healthcare. 101,000 people in Washington State have bought health insurance through the Washington Exchange so far during this open enrollment period.

About 76,000 renewed their policies by the Tuesday deadline for January first coverage. About 25,000 are new to the exchange and will have insurance on the first day of the new year.

The article also gives a solid number for how many current enrollees didn't make the deadline and what their options are:

Now many of the 54,000 who currently have insurance through the exchange, but haven't renewed for next year, have two possible ways to keep that insurance on January first.

For awhile, they'll be treated like people who are just late on their payments. If they pay up during the grace period and renew at that time, they won't have a gap in coverage. Some may also want to apply for an extension because they were having technical problems. This possibility works for new customers as well.