Rhode Island: Over 23.6K QHPs to date

Remember, Rhode Island bumped out their January coverage deadline all the way through New Year's Eve, so even this data is still presumably missing a small surge on the final day:


Posted on January 2, 2015 | By HealthSource RI

PROVIDENCE – HealthSource RI (HSRI) has released enrollment data, certain demographic data and certain volume metrics through Saturday, December 27, 2014, for Open Enrollment.

Enrollment data (November 7, 2014 through December 27, 2014)
As of December 27, 2014, 71% of Year One customers have renewed plans for 2015.*
Total New Customers: 4,969
Total Renewed Customers: 17,941
Total HealthSource RI enrollments for 2015 coverage
(including those who have not yet paid): 22,910
*As of December 30, 74% of Year One customers have renewed plans for 2015.

SHOP (cumulative as of December 27, 2014)
Small employer applications completed: 532
Small employer accounts created: 1,904
Small employer enrollment:  437 (representing 3,157 covered lives, based on their submitted census)
Small employers enrolling in Full Choice Model: 76%

Like last time, the odd presentation of the numbers requires some basic algebra for the most up-to-date numbers:

  • 17,941 = 71% of Year One enrollees
  • That means total Year One enrollees = roughly 25,269
  • Which in turn means 74% renewed thru 12/30 = around 18,699
  • Add another 4,969 new enrollees (thru 12/27) and you have a minimum of 23,668 total

They also include the updated SHOP number (3,157...actually down 35...clerical error, I assume), plus a whole mess of demographic info:

Demographic Data
In addition, HealthSource RI has released the following demographic data regarding new enrollees and renewals to date (not including SHOP enrollees):

Male:  47%
Female: 53%

Under 18: 6%
18-25: 9%
26-34: 15%
35-44: 17%
45-54: 23%
55 and older: 30%

Plan type selected
Gold-level plan: 14%
Silver-level plan: 62%
Bronze-level plan: 23%
Catastrophic: 0%

Carrier selected
Blue Cross & Blue Shield of RI: 55%
Neighborhood Health Plan of RI: 42%
UnitedHealthcare: 3%

Financial assistance
No financial assistance: 13%
Advanced premium tax credits (APTC): 35%
APTC and cost-sharing reductions (CSR): 52%

Rhode Islanders using HSRI
Inbound Phone Calls Received: 150,143
Walk Ins Received (Providence): 8,442
Walk Ins Received (Warwick): 2,232
Total Walk Ins Received: 10,674
Website Unique Visitors: 98,952
Website Visits: 189,818
Website Page Views: 376,514

December 31st by midnight is the last day to renew for coverage that begins on January 1.

The open enrollment period for individuals ends on February 15, 2015.

Small employers may enroll at their renewal date, regardless of where that date falls in the calendar year.

Medicaid-eligible individuals may enroll throughout the year.

Note about data reconciliation: It is important to know that queries of the system run at different times and on different days may produce different sets of data as people move through various stages of the application and enrollment process. Data in this release reflect reconciled numbers through December 27, 2014; therefore, these numbers may differ slightly from numbers reported publicly or in prior releases.