Vermont: 30.2K QHPs to date (23.3K renewals, 6.9K new)

Vermont Health Connect Open Enrollment and Renewal Update

The following numbers are up-to-date as of 11:59pm Tuesday, December 30, 2014.

  • Renewals: 23,356 individuals have been checked out into 2015 health plans.
  • New to Vermont Health Connect: 6,881 individuals have been checked out into 2015 health plans.

Customer Support Center Metrics (Week of Dec. 22-27)

  • Number of calls: 6,154
  • Average wait: 14.1 seconds
  • Number of calls answered in less than 30 seconds: 93.1%

Tracking Progress of New Applications

The following graph shows where new applicants are in the process between submitting their application and being covered by a qualified health plan. Please note that applicants who qualify for Medicaid are not included. The numbers are up-to-date as of Monday, December 29, 2014.

VT also includes a funky "enrollment funnel" graphic which shows how new enrollees are flowing through the system (from eligibility determination > plan selection > checkouts > payments > effectuated enrollments). Unfortunately, it's a pretty low-res graphic and difficult to read, but it's still kind of cool. Remember, this only refers to new additions, not renewals:


What do these numbers mean?

  • New Applicants – Applicants who did not have coverage through Vermont Health Connect through end-of-year 2014.
  • Eligibility Determination Executed –Individuals in applications for coverage who have completed an application either online, by phone, or on paper and have been processed into our system.
  • Plan Selected – Individuals who have a health plan(s) in their “shopping cart” but have yet to confirm the plan selection. The plan selection will not be sent to the insurance carrier until they confirm.
  • Plan Checked Out – Individuals who have confirmed the health plan(s) in their “shopping cart.” The plan selection will be sent to the insurance carrier.
  • Partial Payment – Individuals whose accounts have received a partial payment, but not a full initial premium payment. This payment could have been made by the customer or it could be Vermont Premium Assistance.
  • Initial Premium Paid – Individuals whose first month’s premium has been paid in full.
  • 834 Sent – Individuals whose customer information and confirmed plan selection has been transmitted to the insurance carrier.
  • Effectuated Enrollment – Individuals whose health insurance coverage has been confirmed by the insurance carrier.