Rhode Island: 20.6K QHPs, 3,200 SHOP, at least 68% manual renewals

A nice fully-detailed enrollment report out of Rhode Island, although there's a rather curious wording decision for an even more recent update:

PROVIDENCE – HealthSource RI (HSRI) has released enrollment data, certain demographic data and certain volume metrics through Saturday, December 20, 2014, for Open Enrollment.

Enrollment data (November 7, 2014 through December 20, 2014)
56% of Year One Customers Have Renewed Plans for 2015.*
Total New Customers: 3,841
Total Renewed Customers: 13,780
Total HealthSource RI enrollments for 2015 coverage
 (including those who have not yet paid): 17,621

*HealthSource RI reports as of December 23, a total of 68% of Year One customers have renewed plans for 2015.

SHOP (cumulative as of December 20, 2014):
Small employer applications completed: 529
Small employer accounts created: 1,901
Small employer enrollment:  437 (representing 3,192 covered lives, based on their submitted census)
Small employers enrolling in Full Choice Model: 76%

Huh. OK, so that's a total of 17,621 as of 12/20...but then they also note that "68% of Year One customers have renewed for 2015" as of 3 days later (their original deadline for January coverage).

For some odd reason they don't give the hard number for 12/23, but that's easy enough to calculate based on the 12/20 total: If 13,780 = 56% of Year One customers, that means the total is roughly 24,600...which in turn means that around 16,730 of those folks had renewed as of the 23rd (about 1K/day).

Add at least 3,841 new enrollees to that (more, really, since that only runs through 12/20) and you have at least 20,570 people enrolled for January 2015 coverage (pending payment, of course...except thaty have until 1/15 to do so, according to the rest of the press release; see below).

Also noteworthy: Rhode Island is the only state requiring 2014 ("Year One") enrollees to manually renew as a policy decision rather than a technical requirement (that is, they could have arranged for automatic renewals but chose not to, as opposed to MA/MD/NV/OR which had no choice due to their technical platform change). The fact that they've had at least 68% actively do so a week before the (new) deadline is encouraging.

Also nice to see the SHOP data included, and interesting to see a 7:1 ratio between covered lives and employees enrolled in SHOP plans (typically this has been more like 2-3:1..do Rhode Island residents have larger families than most states or something??

UPDATE: OK, thanks to Aaron Albright for pointing out that what the PR likely means is that there are 437 companies enrolled in RI's SHOP program, not 437 employees. That makes much more sense, though it's a bit confusingly worded (usually they'll list the number of companies, the number of employees and the total covered lives).

They also threw in a bunch of other demographic stuff:

Demographic Data
In addition, HealthSource RI has released the following demographic data regarding new enrollees and renewals to date (not including SHOP enrollees):

Male:  47%
Female: 53%

Under 18: 5%
18-25: 9%
26-34: 14%
35-44: 16%
45-54: 22%
55 and older: 33%

Plan type selected
Gold-level plan: 14%
Silver-level plan: 63%
Bronze-level plan: 22%
Catastrophic: 0%

Carrier selected
Blue Cross & Blue Shield of RI: 55%
Neighborhood Health Plan of RI: 42%
UnitedHealthcare: 3%

Financial assistance
No financial assistance: 14%
Advanced premium tax credits (APTC): 33%
APTC and cost-sharing reductions (CSR): 53%

...Individuals and families may enroll as late as December 31, 2014, (with payment made for the first month’s premium by January 15) for coverage on January 1.