Oregon: 67.5K EXCHANGE QHPs, 31.6K OFF-exchange thru 12/21

Ah, now that's more like it. I don't know how many of these folks are facing a 1-month coverage gap (40,581 were enrolled by 12/14; the rest came in sometime after that; I'm assuming perhaps 8,000 made it in under the wire on the 12/15 deadline?), but considering that Oregon had around 77K people enrolled in 2014 plans, this is a much better batting average for 2015 total coverage:

Open enrollment weekly updates

The Insurance Division will collect enrollment information from carriers each week throughout 2015 open enrollment. Updated numbers will be posted each week on this web page.

Members enrolled, Nov. 15-Dec. 21
On Healthcare.gov 67,467
Outside of Healthcare.gov 31,599
Total 99,066

About the data: Enrolled means a person has selected a plan. Consumers must pay the first month's premium for their coverage to become effective. These numbers do not identify whether the first month's premium has been paid. These numbers do not include Oregonians enrolled in the Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid).

In addition, OFF-exchange QHPs are running around 47% as high as exchange-based. I have no idea how representative this is of other states, but if it is, it suggests that there could be something like 4 million OFF-exchange QHPs nationally so far.