Minnesota: 26.6K QHPs, 33K Medicaid/MNCare thru 12/26

Hmmm...OK, I admit I'm starting to get a bit concerned about Minnesota. True, they bumped out their January deadline enrollment date until tomorrow (New Year's Eve), so there's still 5 day's worth of data to go including what I assume will be some sort of surge today and tomorrow, but I was expecting them to be doing a bit better at this point. They had just over 41,000 2014 enrollees as of mid-October. Nationally over 90% of 2014 enrollees should be renewed either manually or automatically, but MN has a special situation given that the largest insurance company on MNsure dropped out, leaving over 60% of the total to find something else or be moved off of the exchange completely.

In their previous updates, only about 40% of the total 2015 enrollees were renewals. I don't know the breakout here, but if that's held steady, it likely means only around 11,000 renewals so far, with the fate of another 30K people still in doubt. I know that at least 15K of the total are new additions, so that's a maximum of less than 12K renewals so far.

Anyway, higher enrollment numbers are still always good to hear, so:

Latest Enrollment Numbers

December 26, 2014

MNsure will release 2015 enrollment metrics weekly, and will present a more robust metrics summary to the MNsure Board of Directors at each regularly-scheduled board meeting. During weeks that MNsure is closed on Friday, the enrollment metrics update will be released earlier in the week.

Health Coverage Type Cumulative Enrollments
Medical Assistance 23,220
MinnesotaCare 9,768
Qualified Health Plan (QHP) 26,638
TOTAL 59,626 

Plus, of course, another 33,000 people added to Medicaid or MinnesotaCare.