Minnesota: 23.8K QHPs, 25.5K Medicaid/MNCare (UPDATED)

As of Thursday the 12th, MNsure had enrolled about 14.4K people for private 2015 policies. Thanks to the December Surge Weekend, this has jumped up by more than 9,300 more:

Latest Enrollment Numbers

December 17, 2014

Health Coverage Type Cumulative Enrollments
Medical Assistance 17,888
MinnesotaCare 7,681
Qualified Health Plan (QHP) 23,797
TOTAL 49,366

Hmmm...MNsure is currently enrolling people at 3x the rate they did all of last year. Assuming that this doesn't include automatic renewals, that's pretty good. They bumped their enrollment deadline for January coverage out until Friday afternoon (4:30pm, for some reason), which is even better.

UPDATE: According to this Modern Healthcare article, only about 42% of MN's enrollments to date are renewals. In one sense, this is good since it suggests that they still have a good 31K potential renewals to work with.

Only a handful of the 14 exchanges have publicly clarified what portion of enrollees have been new sign-ups compared with returning customers. Minnesota, for instance, said 9,983 of the 23,797 people who have signed up for a qualified plan as of Dec. 16 are renewals. 

(I should also note that MNsure's enrollment report date seems to be 1 day later than the actual data, which makes sense since they released it earlier today)