Kentucky: 85K QHPs (includes autorenewals!), 16K Medicaid thru 12/15

Wow! This was unexpected; while several other states have provided enrollment updates today, and some have broken out (or at least included) both new enrollments as well as manual renewals/re-enrollments, Kentucky is the first one to include automatic renewals as well!

Webb is one of 101,114 Kentuckians who have newly enrolled or re-enrolled in Obamacare health plans during the first 30 days of open enrollment through the state's health insurance exchange, kynect. State numbers released late Tuesday afternoon show that 16,139 residents met eligibility requirements for Medicaid, 9,215 newly enrolled in qualified health plans and 75,760 auto-renewed last year's private kynect health plans since re-enrollment began Nov. 15.

This is extremely important for healthcare reporters, because it's the first case study of just how many of the 6.7 million current enrollees nationwide might be expected to renew their policies as opposed to dropping them. In fact, the only missing piece of the puzzle here is that KY didn't break out how many Kentuckians manually renewed/re-enrolled vs. letting the system do it automatically for them. However, I'll take what I can get.

So, how many KY residents did renew? Well, the total last April was 82,747, and the number enrolled as of late October was "between 80-85K" (which I took to mean...pretty much the same number: Around 82K).

75,760 / 82,000 = around 92% of the existing enrollees either renewed their policies, switched to a different one, or allowed the system to auto-renew them.

Now, Kentucky may not be representative of the rest of the country, but if it is, that means that perhaps 6.1 million of the 6.7 million current enrollees may end up staying onboard...which is exactly what I figured it would be in the first place.