Idaho manages to enroll 98% of 2014 QHP total in first month!!

This is important for a couple of reasons: First, it's the first enrollment update of any sort we've heard from Idaho (which was, until tonight, the only exchange I didn't have any info on). Secondly, it's important because Idaho is the only state which moved off of Healthcare.Gov onto their own exchange. Finally, the number is absolutely fantastic, especially considering that it doesn't include Monday:

BOISE, Idaho – During the first month of open enrollment, Your Health Idaho processed 74,689 enrollments, which includes new applicants and those renewing coverage for 2015.  The numbers released by Your Health Idaho at its Tuesday board meeting include enrollments processed from November 15 through December 14.

For comparison, last year Idaho enrolled 76,000 people for the entire enrollment period.

That's right: They managed to essentially equal 6 1/2 months worth of private policy enrollments in just 1 month...and that doesn't include the surge from yesterday (or for the following 5 days, since ID's deadline isn't until the 20th).

Unlike Massachusetts, which I've been expecting to massively outperform last year (up to 9x as many enrollments), I've been operating on the assumption that Idaho would hit around 50% higher than last year's tally (perhaps 115K).

It's looking like I might have to revise some state projections upwards at this point!