Oregon: 27K QHPs via HC.gov...plus another 18K off-exchange!

Special thanks to Nick Budnick for providing a direct link to Oregon's ACA exchange enrollment update page, which, as a bonus, also tracks off-exchange QHPs as well (which I really wish every state would include as a separate line item):

​The Insurance Division will collect enrollment information from carriers each week throughout 2015 open enrollment. Updated numbers will be posted each week on this web page.

Members enrolled, Nov. 15-Dec. 7
On Healthcare.gov 26,933
Outside of Healthcare.gov 17,923
Total 44,856

About the data: Enrolled means a person has selected a plan. Consumers must pay the first month's premium for their coverage to become effective. These numbers do not identify whether the first month's premium has been paid. These numbers do not include Oregonians enrolled in the Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid).

These preliminary numbers are subject to change week to week based on people changing or canceling plans or having a change in status such as a new job or marriage.

Updated: Dec. 12, 2014

As you can see, in the first 23 days, Oregon has managed to enroll nearly 27,000 people via the exchange...1,171 per day, which is excellent! For comparison, last year Cover Oregon's official April tally was 68,308, or 341 per day, which means their daily average is 3.4x their rate for all of last year...and that's before the expected surges this weekend and in February.

They don't provide a breakout between "re-enrollments" and new enrollments above, but as far as the HHS Dept. is concerned, all 27K count as "new" enrollments since they all had to start from scratch at HC.gov anyway. It'd still be helpful to know how many of those 27K were already enrolled via CoverOregon last year, however, since those folks certainly don't want to be double-billed, lose their coverage or get hit with sticker shock.

Anyway, this also doesn't change the total numbers at all, since these 27K have to be taken out of the HC.gov total just as I've done for Nevada, Texas, New Mexico and a few other enrollment snippets from states running on the federal exchange.

UPDATE: OK, this is a bit confusing but helpful; apparently while the 2015 QHP tally is being handled by the Oregon.gov website link above now, Medicaid enrollments are still being handled through the CoverOregon website link I've been using for months (which makes sense since CoverOregon will still keep running the Medicaid exchange):

December 1, 2014
Update: Private coverage and Oregon Health Plan enrollment through Cover Oregon

Total private medical insurance enrollments through Cover Oregon: 107,587
Oregon Health Plan enrollments through Cover Oregon: 341,252

Dental enrollments 
Total private dental insurance enrollments through CoverOregon 1: 20,793

Net enrollments 
Net private medical: 76,607
Net private dental: 13,782

1 Total numbers are the number of enrollments that have occurred through Cover Oregon.

2 Net numbers are enrollments remaining in the system on this date after cancellations and terminations.

Please note also that these are estimated enrollments and throughout the year there will be a constant process of reconciliations.

This adds to the confusion because the 107K "private enrollment" figure is the cumulative gross total since October 1st of LAST year, and even the "net" enrollment number of 76,707 appears to be cumulative as well...so I'm going to ignore the private numbers listed here entirely and go with the 26,933 figure at the top of this entry, only using this link for the Medicaid tally.

Since OR already had almost 315K people enrolled in Medicaid via the exchange site, that means they've added roughly 26.4K more so far over the past month.