Washington State: 56K QHPs thru 12/10 (46K renewals, 10K new)

BOOM, there it is: Washington State has been pretty quiet on the update front, due, no doubt, to having to clean up a rather embarrassing screw-up on the part of their IT systems integrator a week or so ago when over 6,000 account enrollments/payments were accidentally cancelled.

However, I'm very happy to report that not only do they appear to have resolved most of this issue (2/3 of the accounts have been restored so far), but they've released detailed, up-to-date data...and it's pretty damned impressive so far:

Updated enrollment totals are included below:

Qualified Health Plans - New: 10,082
Qualified Health Plan Renewals: 45,843
Total: 55,925

Washington Healthplanfinder Business
Accounts Created: 1,550
Total Completed Applications – Link Sent to Employees: 73
Total Enrollments – Employee Plan Selection Complete: 3

*Note: These numbers reflect QHP enrollments through Dec. 10 and Medicaid Enrollments through Dec. 4.

They also reported on the Medicaid (Apple Health) situation:

In addition, 480,000 new adults have accessed coverage through Washington Apple Health (Medicaid), and more than 60 percent of Washington Apple Health clients have been automatically renewed via the online marketplace.

Hmmm...ok, parsing out the Medicaid number is a bit tricky due to the way they worded this. The last detailed Medicaid update for Washington ran through July 31st, and stood at 352,386 "strict expansion" enrollees, plus another 199,631 "woodworkers". That's a total of 552,017...which means at least 72,000 people have moved off of Medicaid/CHIP since this summer.

This is actually a very good thing, since presumably most of them improved their lot enough to get off of the program, but it does make it kind of tricky to plug in an updated data point.