Kentucky: 15.1K QHPs, 10K Medicaid as of Monday

Ah, here we go...the 2nd official update from Kynect (Kentucky's Obamacare exchange, for certain U.S. Senators who can't seem to admit that little detail).

15,140 QHPs in 24 days is around 631 per day...or about a 50% higher daily average so far than they had in 2014 (and that included the December and March Surges).

Meanwhile, they've also added an additional 10,017 people to Medicaid. They don't specify whether all of those are brand new (the vast majority of KY's Medicaid-eligible folks should already be enrolled by now) or if some of them are renewals by existing enrollees, however:

2014 Open Enrollment stats as of Monday 12/8/2014

194,541 unique visitors to the kynect website viewing 6.3 million pages.

116,001 individuals have conducted preliminary screenings.

157,038 calls have been handled by the kynect contact center.

11,374 new accounts have been created.

3,081 people have downloaded the new kynect app.

17,966 new applications have been submitted.

10,017 individuals have enrolled in Medicaid.

15,140 individuals have newly enrolled or renewed their enrollment in a qualified health plan.

2,597 individuals have enrolled in dental plans.

3,379 individuals have visited the new kynect store at Fayette Mall in Lexington; 1,549 have completed applications for new coverage.