Oregon: 7,200 QHPs (via HC.gov) as of 11/30; 12K OFF-exchange QHPs

OK, the headline and lede paragraph are pretty lame since they make it sound like Oregon's OE2 enrollment is down 90% from last year. This is pretty stupid, of course, since it only covers the first 2 weeks of a 93-day enrollment period, and since there will obviously be a huge spike in enrollments late next week and then again in mid-February.

Still, this is the first hard 2015 enrollment data I've seen for Oregon, and it's especially interesting given a) Oregon's disastrous 2014 exchange experience and b) the subsequent move to Healthcare.Gov this time around (I have yet to see a similar story about Nevada, but will be on the lookout for it):

Cover Oregon officials say just 7,200 Oregonians had selected a private health insurance plan through the federal portal by the end of November.

The article also gives a current update on the 2014 off-season/attrition situation:

About 77,000 Oregonians were enrolled through Cover Oregon in 2014. A total of 105,000 actually enrolled but some dropped off due to cancellations and terminations.

As a bonus, this is also pretty much the first hard off-exchange data I have this year:

...The data show an additional 12,000 Oregonians enrolled in private coverage outside HealthCare.gov. Those numbers were reported to the state by insurance carriers.