Time to Start Rattling Some State Exchange Cages. Where the heck are CA & NY??

Oh for the love of...I spent a solid year screaming at HealthCare.Gov to start releasing their data on a regular basis; they finally did so, and now Covered California has decided to go radio silent instead. This is, quite simply, unacceptable. 

In California, however, officials at Covered California, the Obamacare exchange here,haven't provided updates since Nov. 20, when they released data for the first four days of the new open enrollment session.

Covered California released those preliminary figures Nov. 20, when Executive Director Peter Lee revealed that 11,357 people signed up for private health plan coverage between the Nov. 15 beginning of this year's open enrollment period and Nov. 18.

...Since Nov. 20, there have been no new updates, and officials don't expect to announce new figures until mid- to late December, at the earliest, and possibly not until January.

I should note that the other large state-run ACA exchange, New York State of Health, hasn't even released their opening weekend enrollment numbers yet either.

I do have at least limited enrollment data from all of the other state exchanges, except for the brand-new Your Health Idaho, which has stated that they'll be releasing their data in "early December", so I can't really gripe at them just yet, I suppose.