Delaware: An update!! Well, kind of...

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Jen Rini

OK, this is the 2nd most obscure data update I've received so far this fall (the first was Hawaii's "more than 40" on the first day):

State officials say they don't yet know how enrollment is going this year in Delaware's health insurance exchange.

The Delaware Health Care Commission received an update Thursday on the second year of implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

But state health and social services officials say won't be able report any enrollment numbers until they get them from the federal government. They say they hope to see the first monthly federal report around later this month.

I did receive these oddly-worded tidbits via Twitter:

More than 23,612 Delawareans have enrolled in a #ACA plan since October 2013 #netDE

— Jen Rini (@JenRini) December 4, 2014

@ the #DE Health Care Commission meeting. Sec. Landgraf says marketplace guides/navigators have enrolled/renewed 209 plans since Nov. 15

— Jen Rini (@JenRini) December 4, 2014

When I asked for clarification, the DHSS was able to partially explain...

@charles_gaba From Nov 15-30, @ChooseHealthDE reported assister-only enrollments: 167 new & 42 renewals. Last yr assisters did 10% of total.

— DHSS (@Delaware_DHSS) December 4, 2014

Ah. So basically, the answer is "at least 209 QHPs during #OE2, but that doesn't include people who sat down and loaded on their own computer."

Well, it's something, anyway...oh, they also did provide a hard Medicaid update as well:

Sec Landgraf tells Health Care Comm that 9,315 Delawareans have enrolled through Medicaid expansion since Oct. 2013.

— DHSS (@Delaware_DHSS) December 4, 2014