CMS to create Enrollee Switched List for

You need a subscription to read the full article, but this is a Good Thing. One of the big concerns with the 2015 Open Enrollment period has been whether the ACA exchanges are set up to let insurance companies know (quickly) when a current enrollee switches from them to someone else, to avoid double-billing. On the down side, this really should have been in place before OE2 started a couple of weeks back. On the plus side, it sounds like they're on top of it now, anyway, and they do still have a few weeks before the first premiums are due from either the old or new insurer anyway...

CMS TO Create 'Enrollee Switched List' For Federal Exchange Issuers

CMS announced in guidance Monday (Dec.3) that it will create an “Enrollee Switched List” that allows issuers participating in federally facilitated exchanges to identify enrollees who actively re-enrolled in coverage with another issuer.