Short Cuts: Immigrant issues w/; Burwell confident about SCOTUS case; ACA Small Biz myths cleared up

WASHINGTON (AP) — Like other customers, immigrants are relieved that the government's health insurance website is working fairly well this year. They're baffled, though, by what looks like an obvious lapse: There is no clear way to upload a copy of their green card, the government identification document that shows they are legal U.S. residents and therefore entitled to benefits under President Barack Obama's health care law.

President Obama’s top health  official said Monday the health care law will overcome a Supreme Court challenge that argues the administration is illegally doling out subsidies to about two-thirds of the states.

“The United States Congress did not intend that some states, and citizens of only some states, would benefit from this and residents of other states would not. This was not the intent of the law,” Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell said at an event in San Antonio, according to 1200 News Radio WOAI.

Considering the magnitude of the health-care law, it’s no surprise small-business owners aren’t familiar with all the nuances in the legislation. Some of the lawmakers who wrote and voted for the bill have themselves expressed confusion about the rules.

Still, experts say there are some common and potentially costly misconceptions that have stuck with employers for the past few years — ones that, if cleared up, could help them avoid some headaches and save some money going forward.