Massachusetts: Daily data shows the impact of a major holiday on enrollments

Massachusetts continues to kick butt this time around in general, but I particularly like that they're providing a daily breakout of their enrollment data. Check today's out, which includes both Wednesday and Thanksgiving Thursday:

Last week the eligibility determination numbers (including both QHPs + Medicaid) were:

  • Saturday: 6,898
  • Sunday: 5,022
  • Monday: 8,878
  • Tuesday: 7,614
  • Wednesday: 7,837
  • Thursday: 7,175
  • Friday: 5,083
  • Saturday: 3,460

As you can see, so far, during weekdays the numbers average around 6,700 per day, while they average around 4,400, or about 1/3 lower (probably even less than that, since the Opening Day was on a Saturday and presumably would have a mini-spike to kick things off).

However, take a look at Thursday, Thanksgiving Day: Only 790 people total: 12% of the other weekday average, or 14% of the overall daily average.

If you remove the MassHealth (Medicaid) numbers, it's a bit better: 514 is around 16% of the daily average through Wednesday.

In any event, adding the 26th and 27th into the mix, and assuming roughly a 50% plan selection rate, MA should have added another 1,400 or so QHPs over the past 2 days, likely bringing them up to over 19,000 to date...or nearly 60% of their 2014 open enrollment toal in just 13 days.