Rhode Island: 2,169 QHPs in first week

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OK, not sure if this number runs through Thursday, Friday or Saturday given the conflicting wording ("before the week was over"), so I'm playing it safe and going with Friday:

By Thursday, the exchange had received about 25,000 calls and greeted about 1,800 walk-in visitors at its Contact Center at 70 Royal Little Drive. Meanwhile, the HealthSource RI website received about 35,000 hits, half of them from new visitors, an indicator that many may be first-time customers.

All of that activity resulted in 1,850 renewals and 319 new customers before the week was over.

“We are about where we expected to be at this point,” said Director Christine Ferguson, “but we have a long way to go.”

There's also some updated 2014 data:

As of Nov. 1, two weeks before the start of open enrollment, about 26,300 Rhode Islanders were covered by individual and family plans through HealthSource RI. Another 2,400 people had obtained coverage their small employers offered via the exchange. In addition, close to 70,000 enrolled in Medicaid through HealthSource RI.

Last week, when asked to give a target number of privately insured individuals for the second year, Ferguson said, “I wouldn’t like to see less than 50 percent.”

(I'm assuming that the "50% target" means an increase of 50% over the current number...which just happens to be exactly what I've projected nationally anyway).