Massachusetts: Doing everything right this year that they did wrong last year.

Holy smokes.

Again, "determined eligible" does not mean "selected a plan" (which, along with the number "effectuated" is the key number to look at here), but over the opening weekend, 52% of those "determined eligible" had already selected a plan (3,600 out of around 6,900).

However, according to a contact at the MA Health Connector, it's probably more like 1/3 for the rest of the week, which would be around 7,800 or the first 6 days.

Again, for comparison: Last year their old, crappy system only allowed for abotu 32,000 to enroll over a 200 day period. That's 160 per day.

In addition, check out the MassHealth (Medicaid) number. I've been informed by my contact that those folks are enrolled automatically enrolled in the program, so MA has added nearly 20,000 people to the Medicaid tally in less than a week.

I have no idea how many of these are "strict expansion" vs. "woodworkers" or "redeterminations" yet, but hope to soon.