Massachusetts: 8,400 QHPs in first 4 days? (plus 12K confirmed Medicaid)

As I noted yesterday, the good news is that Massachusetts is posting daily metric reports on the new ACA Health Connector exchange, a level of frequency which surpasses even Minnesota.

The (mildly irritating) news is that with all of that data being served up daily, the main number that concerns me here at ACASignups--the "number who've selected a plan"--will only be included weekly, every Monday.

Still, until then I can at least get a rough idea. The most recent official press release stated that 3,600 QHPs had been enrolled in out of 6,972 people "determined eligible" for them, or 52% of the total. This number will bounce around from day to day, no doubt, but it's a reasonable starting point to use until Monday.

So, assuming 52% of "determined eligibles" are consistently actually enrolling in policies, today's dashboard report suggests that the number for the first 4 days has reached over 8,400 out of 16,293 total:

Again, notice the pattern already starting to emerge: more people are applying/enrolling during the weekdays than over the weekend. Will be interesting to see if this remains consistent...

In addition, over 12,000 Bay Staters have already been added to Medicaid in just the first 4 days as well.