Vermont: 1,515 QHP renewals, 306 new "applications" in first 3 days

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Morgan True

I'm not sure whether the 306 "new coverage applications" refer to actual enrollments or not; going by my own post yesterday, I'll assume not until I hear confirmation otherwise:

The exchange processed 32 new coverage applications by 11:30 a.m., officials reported. By the close of business Monday, that number climbed to 306.

“We have not had any problems reported today,” said Lawrence Miller, chief of Health Care Reform, on Sunday.

...The exchange processed 1,515 renewals as of Monday evening. Those are a mix of people who submitted changes early and those being automatically reenrolled in their current plans.

For comparison, last year Vermont only had 38,000 QHP enrollees total.

Update: I've confirmed that, as I suspected, the 306 "new applications" are just that, not necessarily actual enrollments.