Massachusetts to post #OE2 Enrollment Data DAILY! (& other exchange schedules)

During the first open enrollment period, the official data releases from the various exchanges ranged all over the place.

HHS, of course, only issued monthly reports, without giving any official data in between (that is, until the numbers started looking good, at which point they issued milestone press releases of "3 million", "5 million" and so on, although even then they didn't give exact numbers or dates).

Some of the state exchanges stuck with monthly numbers as well (Colorado), while others gave out data roughly weekly (Nevada, via Twitter), bi-weekly, or whenever they happened to feel like it (most of the other states). As things ramped up towards March/April, some states started issuing regular weekly updates (including Oregon, which is ironic given all of their technical problems).

Then, after the dust settled on the open enrollment period, something interesting happened. Most of the exchanges (including HHS itself, NY and CA) stopped issuing reports at all...but some of the smaller exchanges, such as Minnesota, Oregon and Hawaii, kept right on plugging along. Minnesota, in particular, started posting updates almost daily, and has continued to do so, almost odometer-style. It was thanks to these states (and occasional updates from others) that I was able to piece together my 9,000/day off-season estimate, which has been borne out by the recent 7.3M & 7.1M "currently enrolled" numbers released as of 8/15 and 10/15 nationally.

Anyway, with #OE2 upon us, I've decided to just cut straight to the case and ask all 14 state exchanges (along with HHS) directly what their plans are for the new enrollment period. Here's what I know so far (check back here periodically for updates):

  • Colorado: CO will continue to issue monthly reports on the 2nd Monday of the following month:

@charles_gaba @VTHealthConnect @MarylandConnect @CoveredCA We report our Metrics at each Board meeting, the second Monday of the month.

— C4HCO (@C4HCO) November 15, 2014

UPDATE: It looks like Colorado may be releasing their data every 2 weeks instead of monthly:

Numbers on how many people log into the site, and how many sign up for insurance plans, will be available early next week, Hubbard said. Regular updates are expected on the 2nd and 17th of each month.

  • Minnesota: I haven't heard back from them officially yet, but I see no reason why they would abandon their "every few days" updates.
  • Massachusetts: This is huge! According to the Communications Director for the (new!) Massachusetts Health Connector:

@charles_gaba we will be reporting @HealthConnector data daily, starting Monday.

— Jason Lefferts (@JasonLefferts) November 15, 2014

I even have a direct link to the daily "dashboard" report...although it doesn't seem to provide the actual "selected a plan" number (which is the key one for my purposes) yet...

UPDATE: I've confirmed that the actual enrollment data for Massachusetts will be included in a weekly report, every Monday.

Admittedly, if every exchange starts doing this, I'll be pretty much out of a "job", but still, that's what I was hoping they'd do in the first place, so I can't get too upset...

  • Maryland: During the off-seasons, MD was only putting out reports every 4-6 weeks. For #OE2, they're committing to a weekly schedule:

@charles_gaba Next report is Wed. 11/26, with weekly reporting starting Fri. 12/5:

— MD Health Connection (@MarylandConnect) November 15, 2014

UPDATE: Access Health CT says that Connecticut numbers will be released weekly:

@charles_gaba we're still tallying the numbers from the weekend. They will be available shortly. We will typically release info once a week.

— Access Health CT (@AccessHealthCT) November 17, 2014

  • Idaho: Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Idaho's new exchange will be giving out updates on a frequent basis, but they did state that they'll do so in "early December":

Pat Kelly, executive director for Your Health Idaho, said the exchange’s website received 13,000 unique visitors and its phone banks  fielded 700 calls. Actual enrollment figures will not be reported until early December.