Beating my Head against a Wall: 89% of uninsured clueless about #OE2


An October survey from health care think tank Kaiser Family Foundation found that 89 percent of the nation’s uninsured have no idea that open enrollment through the law’s insurance exchanges starts Saturday.

Two-thirds of the uninsured said they knew “only a little” or “nothing at all” about the state and federal exchanges through which people can buy subsidized coverage. And more than half — 53 percent — said they didn’t know that federal tax credits could help them pay for a plan.

Those survey results are a problem because they mean the consumers who are supposed to benefit most from the Affordable Care Act may be less likely to take advantage of the assistance the law provides.

I admit to being astonished by this. I figured that even those who hate the ACA (well, they hate "Obamacare", not "The Affordable Care Act", even though it's the exact same thing) at least know when the open enrollment period for it starts (if only so they can criticize the start date for being moved to 11/15 for political reasons).