Where the heck do you buy insurance for 2015???

With all the Open Enrollment Period changes for 2015 (#OE2), it can get confusing to follow where you're supposed to go to buy an ACA-compliant healthcare policy this time around (especially if you qualify for tax credits to help pay for it, which includes a good 85% or so of the people enrolling). Two states moved from their own websites over to Healthcare.Gov; one did the opposite; and still others have a "split decision" where you visit one site for individual/family policies and another for small business policies.

Thanks to Zane Benefits for helping sort it all out; I've reformatted the info into an easier-to-follow table:

State Individuals/Families
(QHP Exchange)
Small Businesses
(SHOP Exchange)
Alabama Healthcare.Gov
Alaska Healthcare.Gov
Arizona Healthcare.Gov
Arkansas Healthcare.Gov
California Covered California
Colorado Connect for Health Colorado
Connecticut Access Health CT
Delaware Healthcare.Gov
District of Columbia DC Health Link
Florida Healthcare.Gov
Georgia Healthcare.Gov
Hawaii Hawaii Health Connector
Idaho Your Health Idaho (moved from fed-run) Healthcare.Gov
Illinois Healthcare.Gov
Indiana Healthcare.Gov
Iowa Healthcare.Gov
Kansas Healthcare.Gov
Kentucky kynect
Louisiana Healthcare.Gov
Maine Healthcare.Gov
Maryland Maryland Health Connection (overhauled)
Massachusetts Massachusetts Health Connector (overhauled)
Michigan Healthcare.Gov
Minnesota MNsure
Mississippi Healthcare.Gov One Mississippi (now open!)
Missouri Healthcare.Gov
Montana Healthcare.Gov
Nebraska Healthcare.Gov
Nevada Healthcare.Gov (moved from state-run)
New Hampshire Healthcare.Gov
New Jersey Healthcare.Gov
New Mexico Healthcare.Gov NM Health Insurance Exchange
New York New York State of Health
North Carolina Healthcare.Gov
North Dakota Healthcare.Gov
Ohio Healthcare.Gov
Oklahoma Healthcare.Gov
Oregon Healthcare.Gov (moved from state-run) Cover Oregon (still state-run)
Pennsylvania Healthcare.Gov
Rhode Island HealthSource RI
South Carolina Healthcare.Gov
South Dakota Healthcare.Gov
Tennessee Healthcare.Gov
Texas Healthcare.Gov
Utah Healthcare.Gov Avenue H (was pre-existing)
Vermont Vermont Health Connect
Virginia Healthcare.Gov
Washington Washington Health Benefit Exchange
West Virginia Healthcare.Gov
Wisconsin Healthcare.Gov
Wyoming Healthcare.Gov