Minnesota: 10.5% net QHP attrition since April

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Shane D.

Minnesota's exchange (called MNsure and pronounced to rhyme with "insure") has had it's share of technical problems, but they haven't been nearly as bad as the 4 state-run exchanges undergoing full overhauls (OR & NV are scrapping theirs entirely; MA & MD started over from scratch). They got hit with some bad news recently when the largest insurer on the exchange decided to bail, although that appears to have had more to do with that company's poor business decisions than anything on MNsure's side.

However, they've continued to keep chugging along, quietly adding more enrollees to both private QHP policies (via qualifying life events) as well as Medicaid and MinnesotaCare (neither of which have any deadlines involved). Most relevant to myself, they're also the only exchange which has continued to provide consistent, regular enrollment data updates on a near-daily basis, which is manna from heaven from my POV.

Today, I also learned another interesting tidbit: They currently have over 41,000 people actively enrolled in QHPs through the exchange (or at least they did as of 2 weeks ago). 41,225 people to be precise.

How does this compare with April? Well, according to the last HHS report, the official total for Minnesota as of 4/19/14, 48,495 Minnesotans had enrolled, of which about 95% had paid their first premium. That means about 46,070 were actually fully enrolled last spring.

41,225 / 46,070 = 89.5%. In other words, there's only been a 10.5% net attrition rate in Minnesota since the end of the First Open Enrollment Period (OE1) over 6 months ago.

Other states have varied as follows:

Overall, Minnesota seems to be a bit at the high end but nothing disturbing (note that Florida is only measured over a 2 month period vs. 5-6 months for the rest).