2014 Congressional candidate campaigns ON Obamacare. In Kentucky.

VERY nice find from contributor Britt M. This article is from back in April...how have I not heard about this woman before??

Meet the Kentucky Dem Running On, Not From, Obamacare

But even as Obamacare found its sea legs nationally and boasted solid first enrollment numbers in recent weeks [reminder: article is from April], it still came as a surprise to local political watchers when a Kentucky Democratic congressional candidate picked up the ACA baton and used it to bash the GOP incumbent that she is challengingElisabeth Jensen, the presumptive favorite to take on Lexington Congressman Andy Barr this November, emerged last week as the first federal candidate in the region—and one of only a few in the entire country—to broadcast a campaign ad championing health care reform, and attacking her opponent for voting more than a dozen times to repeal it.

Wow. Now, I'll be honest...given the district and the state, it doesn't sound like she's terribly likely to win...but Ms. Jensen deserves tons of kudos for cutting through all the BS and calling Barr (and Mitch McConnell) out for their "Kynect isn't Obamacare even though it is" garbage:

Here's a more recent article about Jensen, Barr, McConnell and Kynect:

While Andy Barr and Mitch McConnell claim that Kynect is “decimating” Kentucky’s job market, the claim is not true. As the article goes on to make clear, the health care marketplace expansion has already created 3,600 jobs in places like Perry County in Eastern Kentucky and there are a projected 10,000 more jobs that will be added directly because of the law over the next several years.