Kentucky: 2015 GOP Gov candidate just as tongue-tied about ACA as McConnell

It's been awhile since I've beaten up on Mitch McConnell (R-Yertle) for his cognitive dissonance when it comes to somehow keeping "Kynect" (ie, the Affordable Care Act) while simultaneously repealing "Obamacare" (ie, the Affordable Care Act).

As I noted back on May 29th, "McConnell is utterly full of crap. He knows it, Grimes knows it, the Kentucky media knows it; he's just hoping that the voters of Kentucky are too stupid to know it."

At the time, the Kynect ACA exchange had enrolled around 413,000 people. Since then, the number of Kentuckians enrolled via "Obamacare" has risen to over 521,000 (and even that was over a month ago; it's likely past the 550K mark by now).

Of course, it's not just McConnell who's a bald-faced hypocrite about the law; other Republicans across the nation are guilty of this as well.

The latest case in point? A guy hoping to replace term-limited KY Gov. Steve Beshear after he leaves office next year, James Comer:

Health care reform will likely be a big issue in the 2015 races.

Republicans have railed against the Affordable Care Act and expressed their desire to dismantle it. But the health care exchange and Medicaid expansion in Kentucky led by Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear remain popular among many who have received health insurance through it.

The question of what Comer would do with the health care act came up in Tompkinsville and again in Erlanger.

Both times McDaniel and Comer wouldn't commit to what they would do, saying too many variables remain unanswered. Whether Republicans will take over Congress and what will happen with court challenges to the Affordable Care Act remain unknown, Comer said.

"We're going to look at everything," Comer said. "I'm not going to give you a reckless, irresponsible answer and say we're going to do this. We don't know what the world will look like in a year-and-a-half."

McDaniel promised a "solid, measured response once we have all the information" from a Comer-McDaniel administration on what to do about health care reform.

"A lot of these mandates unfortunately have been accepted by the Beshear administration," McDaniel said. "And once you accept those, you also accept a bill that is frankly higher than anyone knows how to pay for."

Shorter version:

"Kentuckians love Kynect, but they hate Obama, and Kynect is Obamacare, but we don't want them to know that, but we don't know what the hell to replace it with, but if Chewbacca lives on Endor, you must acquit!! Squirrel!!"