Oregon: In which an AP headline spins good news as being bad news

The headline certainly seems like a Bad Thing, as does the opening paragraph...

Shift in Oregon Health Plan cuts funds to Eugene shelter program

EUGENE — One of the last resorts for mentally ill people in Eugene suffering a crisis will be closed this month after a change in state health care policy took one-third of a shelter's money.

Bummer. See? Obamacare is hurting people...wait, what's that??

Lane County public health spokesman Jason Davis says the expansion of the Oregon Health Plan means there are fewer indigent, uninsured mentally ill people who need short-term crisis housing.

With fewer clients forecast to be in indigent programs, the state is reducing contracts with agencies.

Oh. Never mind.

Reminds me of the "joke" that if Barack Obama cured cancer, Republicans would attack him for hurting oncologists.