Arkansas: U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor tackles GOP's "$700B Medicare" Lie Head on

Just two weeks ago, Sen. Mark Pryor (D-Ark.) surprised much of the political world with a powerful television ad. Though the conventional wisdom was that Pryor, facing a tough re-election fight, would avoid talking about the Affordable Care Act, but the senator neverthelessdid the opposite, boasting about the benefits he’s delivered for Arkansans through the ACA.
...Would Pryor back down? As it turns out, no. MaddowBlog received an exclusive first look at the Pryor campaign’s new campaign ad, which is the second spot in which the Arkansas senator boasts about ACA benefits.

BLAM! The infamous "$700B cut from Medicare!!" lie has been festering since well before the 2012 presidential election. The $700 billion in question refers to savings from cutting waste, fraud and abuse from the Medicare system (this is a good thing, folks).

Kudos to Sen. Pryor for debunking this garbage head on.

Greg Sargent has more:

It’s now clear that the cooling passions over the issue are allowing Democrats more leeway to engage in debates over what is actually in the law, if not in debates over whether that thing called “Obamacare” is good or bad. Via Steve Benen, here is vulnerable Dem Senator Mark Pryor’s new ad, in which he aggressively pushes back on charges that his vote for Obamacare was a vote to cut Medicare benefits, instead arguing that the Medicare reforms he supported are provider side cuts that are good for the program.