The Graph, Updated: PAID QHPs should have broken 8 Million at last! (9.2M total)

Happy Labor Day Weekend, everyone!

If my calculations are correct, the total number of ACA exchange-based QHP enrollments should now be at around 9.2 million...and the number of people who have paid for their first month's premium should have finally crossed the 8 Million milestone right (plus or minus a week or so).

Now, as I've noted many times before, this does not mean that there are 8 million people currently enrolled, since just as around 9,000 people have been continuing to enroll each day since the end of open enrollment, so too perhaps 3% of the current enrollees are likely dropping their ACA policies each month as well, meaning that the current number of paid enrollees is likely hovering around 7.1 - 7.2 million at the moment.

Who knows, perhaps the HHS Dept. will surprise everyone (especially myself) and make some sort of announcement about passing the 8 million paid milestone this week? That would be nice...