Republican "Anti-ACA" exchange costs up to 46x as much per enrollee as

A little while ago I posted about the failed Florida "Health Choices" website, the Florida GOP response to the Affordable Care Act. Over a 6 month period, they've only managed to enroll 30 people, total. That's Three-Zero.

So, how does this compare to the cost-per-enrollee of other "failed" Obamacare exchanges?

Well, Healthcare.Gov itself, which enrolled over 5.4 million people and covers 36 states, spent $647 per enrollee.

Nevada's ACA exchange was botched by Xerox to the tune of $51 million, and enrolled 38,000, or $1,342 apiece.

Maryland spent $118 million and had enrolled 78,930 people in private plans as of the end of June. That's $1,495 per person.

Massachusetts, whose ACA website failure took on a symbolic level of embarrassment due to the state being the home of the predecessor to Obamacare, Mitt Romney's state-level healthcare law (aka "RomneyCare"), spent $57 million to enroll 34,000 people. That's $1,676 per enrollee.

Oregon, which flushed $248 million down the Oracle Corp. hole on their infamously non-functional site, has still somehow managed to enroll over 100,000 people in private, actual health insurance policies (as opposed to the "discount card" plans offered by the GOP in Florida). That's $2,480 per enrollee (or around $2,900 per person if you subtract unpaid accounts).

But the worst-performing ACA exchange site in terms of cost-per-enrollee was Hawaii, which spent a whopping $205 million, or $23,859 per person (the linked article claimed the per-person cost was higher, but their enrollment data was a month out of date at the time).

And the Republican-backed "health exchange" in Florida? Well, it cost FL taxpayers $900,000 to build.

That may sound like a drop in the bucket compared to the Obamacare sites, and it is...but they also only managed to enroll 30 people after 6 months in operation.

That's $30,000 per person.

Fiscal Responsibility, folks.

UPDATE: In fairness, I should note that the article later states that "most" of the $900K hasn't been spent yet, and it also occurs to me that if I'm going to include all enrollees at (whether they've paid up or not) then I should do the same for the GOP site. Assuming "only" $440K has been spent out of $900K, and dividing by 37 instead of 30, that gives a per-enrollee cost of "only" $11,892 apiece.

Of course, this is still more than 18x as much as Healthcare.Gov, and is far higher than any of the state exchanges except for Hawaii...not to mention that the site costs $17K/month to operate between salaries, hosting etc. Plus, again, this isn't for actual insurance, but for "discount cards" which can be purchased just as easily from any number of other sources:

Naff, who earns $126,000 a year, is one of two paid employees; the other is a $55,000-per-year administrative manager. The Florida Health Choices website costs another $1,500 a month to maintain. Naff said most of the legislative appropriation has not been spent. In fact, they have about $1 million on hand, thanks in part to extra money from a settlement agreement with the firm hired to build the site.