Washington State announces special enrollment period for those with tech woes...thru end of year

Even in states whose ACA exchanges have operated pretty smoothly such as Connecticut and Kentucky, there's bound to be some technical problems. Washington State is no exception. As a result, the WA insurance commissioner has announced that anyone who tried to enroll earlier but has struggled with billing, payment or other technical issues (WA is one of only 2 states that run payments through the exchange and require the 1st months premium to be paid before even reporting the enrollment) can now give it another shot or make whatever changes are necessary without requiring a "qualifying life event" to do so:

The Washington Health Benefit Exchange (the Exchange), also known as the Washington Healthplanfinder, is making progress to correct the enrollment and payment difficulties that have affected some consumers. Those fixes are continuing, but may take additional time to resolve.

This temporary special enrollment gives consumers who have struggled with their coverage an opportunity to reset their coverage or select another plan, either inside or outside the Exchange.

This coverage would remain in effect through the end of 2014.

During the temporary special enrollment period, you can:

Stay with your health insurer but switch to a plan sold outside of the Exchange,
Stay with your current health insurer inside the Exchange, or
Switch to a new health insurer inside or outside of the Exchange.

If you move to a new insurer or to the same insurer outside of the Exchange, you must select a plan with the same metal level that you have today.

Of course, you can choose to keep your current health insurer and pay through the Exchange or pay your health insurer directly.