Hawaii: Website revamped; QHPs down 61...SHOP down 14

While the technical overhauls/transfers of exchanges in states like Oregon, Nevada, Massachusetts and Maryland have been taking up all of the "ACA tech problem" news (the former two are moving to HC.gov for 2015; the latter two are completely overhauling their own websites), Hawaii's technical woes seem to always have operated in something of a news vacuum. The Hawaii website problems were always just as bad as some of the other states listed, yet not once have I received any indication of whether they were abandoning their software like OR & NV or fixing it like MA & MD.

Over the past couple of weeks, the answer seems to have revealed itself: The Hawaii Health Connector website has been revamped...as a WordPress-based site. However, this appears to only be the "welcome/info" portal; actually clicking the "Enroll" links takes you to a different domain name at ConnectHawaii.com which seems to be the actual HI exchange.

Anyway, as a result it took me awhile to hunt down their latest update since the link changed. It only runs through July 26, presumably as part of the site overhaul. Like Connecticut and Rhode Island, Hawaii seems to be mixing together new enrollees with cancellations, making it difficult to tell where things stand, as QHPs dropped by 61 people (and SHOP enrollments by 14) in the 3rd week of July:

Total for the period of July 20, 2014 through July 26, 2014

Total since October 1, 2013

33,098 Applications completed in the Individual Marketplace
9,663 Individuals and families enrolled in the Individual Marketplace
702 Employers applied to SHOP Marketplace
1057 Employees and dependents enrolled via SHOP Marketplace