District of Columbia: 197 more QHPs in 1st week of July

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An odd update from the DC exchange...not the update itself, which shows a modest-but-steady increase in QHP enrollment, but the fact that it only runs through July 9th even though it wasn't posted until yesterday (7/28). The prior update ran through July 1st, so that's a net gain of 197 people in 8 days, or about 24 per day. This is actually up slightly from the May/June average of 22/day.

Both the SHOP and Medicaid numbers also went up slightly as well, but again, this only covers an 8 day period:

Monday, July 28, 2014


From October 1, 2013 to July 9, 2014, 51,059 people have enrolled through DC Health Link in private health plans or Medicaid:

 12,530 people enrolled in private health plans through the DC Health Link individual and family marketplace.
 13,779 people enrolled through the DC Health Link small business marketplace.
 24,720 people were determined eligible for Medicaid coverage through DC Health Link.