Cleaning Out the In Box Part 2: Continuing Tech Issues at State Exchanges

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Some of the various state-run exchanges continue to experience assorted technical issues, ranging from minor to serious. I may be rooting for the ACA to work, but as a website developer and a member of the Reality-Based Community, I do need to fully acknowledge that it's not all sweetness & light on the tech side these days. These issues will be resolved eventually, but you can't just ignore them either. So, without further ado...

VermontVPR (Vermont NPR), 07/23/14: Lawmakers Angered By Continuing Problems At Health Exchange

 Snowballing technological problems at Vermont’s online insurance exchange are drawing new scrutiny. And advocates warn that the situation for many customers who bought plans through Vermont Health Connect is becoming increasingly dire.

Washington State: Union Bulletin, 07/22/14: Washington state health-care exchange sounds alarm

Software problems have prevented payments for up to 6,000 consumer accounts from posting properly and being reported to insurers, resulting in some consumers being told they don’t have coverage.

Connecticut: Westfair Online, 07/17/14: Problem state health exchange cases earn one-on-one attention

Nine months after the Affordable Care Act exchanges opened and five months into the new calendar year, problems continue at the state level, namely persistent “system error” messages.

As many as 5,784 customers identified as having incorrect tax credits or subsidies, according to a report by Access Health CT, the state-run online health insurance exchange.

Oregon: The Oregonian, 07/18/14: Cover Oregon officials hope to repair broken state health insurance exchange for 2016

For those who assume Cover Oregon will go away when the federal government takes overthe state exchange's job of enrolling people in health coverage, think again.

Even as Oregon works on hooking up to the federal website by November, some Cover Oregon board members hope the engagement with Uncle Sam will be only a one-year affair.

Nevada: InsuranceNewsNet, 07/15/14: Nevada's Health Care Exchange Still Dealing With 'A Lot Of Errors'

...the exchange's online software has been plagued with glitches that started even before its launch. Today's meeting signals that the problems continue.

"There are a lot of errors currently in the system," Laura Rich, quality assurance officer at the Silver State Exchange, told an advisory committee to theDepartment of Health and Human Services.