Minnesota: QHP enrollments back up from their low, still not up to June rates

Hmmm...as a follow-up to the last Hawaii update, I've taken a look at Minnesota (the 2nd of the 3 states which caused me to issue a dramatic off-season forecast drop). The results are...inconclusive:

latest enrollment numbers

July 16, 2014

Health Coverage Type Total Enrollments 
Medical Assistance 156,032
MinnesotaCare 55,941
Qualified Health Plan (QHP) 52,325
TOTAL 264,298

That's 61 more QHP enrollees in 3 days (7/13 - 7/16), or about 20 per day. On the one hand, that's still way down from the 52/day that the state had been averaging from late April through the end of June. On the other hand, it's way up from the 2 (yes, 2) per day that MN was averaging over the first 2 weeks of July.

So my conclusion is...I don't have a conclusion. I'll have to see how Oregon pans out; if it has a bounceback along the lines of Hawaii and Minnesota, I'd say the (national) enrollment rate is back up from the 1K/day that I warned about last week, although still lower than the 9K/day rate that I was estimating prior to that.

Meanwhile, Medicaid enrollments continue to climb steadily at around 1,000 per day.